Feedback from launch participants

During the PC3 launch we did a couple of breakout sessions to enable participants to discuss various issues around the concepts of coaching and personalised curriculum. Having gathered the flip-chart data I did a bit of analysis to identify any common themes or reoccurring points. The following report outlines the results from this.

PC3 successfully launched

We had a successful launch event on Monday with around 40 staff attending all together in two sessions, including team members, senior staff, learning technologists, teaching fellows and the TEL team. Presentations on the project and on coaching were followed by lively discussion exploring how participants might be involved in the project and issues raised by it – our first informal consultation exercise.

We now have paper work to review and new potential user groups to follow up. A good start which will give us plenty to discuss at our first project team meeting on Monday.

PC3 Project Launch

The PC3 Project will be officially launched at an event at Old Broadcasting House, Leeds Metropolitan University, on September 15th 2008. The event is being attended by around 40 senior staff and learning advisors from around the institution and will aim to introduce the project and address key questions, as well as engaging participants in initial consultations about the project.

The event will include a presentation of the project and of coaching followed by small group discussion on the implications of the project, its benefits to staff and learners, and the issues that it raises. It will conclude with a plenary discussion.

The slides used can be viewed here: