TEL Network

Yesterday we had the opportunity to present PC3 to the Leeds Met TEL Network – learning technologists and academics from across the University with an interest in Technology Enhanced Learning. These will be the people who will assist our staff in developing the content necessary to support the PC3 process for different cohorts so it is important for them to be on board. A number of them have asked for further information and want to become more closely involved which is great.

One thing we decided was that we would get a set of Flip video recorders for loan to these staff to help them in producing video based learning resources – this certainly seems to be becoming gadget of the month!


Flippin’ heck!

At the recent programme meeting in Oxford we were given a Flip video recorder – what a cool gadget! Everyone I show it to wants one – and it already looks like there’ll be a bulk order going in from here some time soon! I have been putting it to good use – and not just to film my dogs and my parents’ golden wedding party (for practice of course!)… So here is our first video update on the project – covering the Support and Synthesis meeting, our ePortfolio evaluation, potential partners and our user groups.

My editing (via the Flip panel) needs a little practice – and the auto upload to Youtube seems to have distorted the audio a little (I wasn’t underwater!) but this really was pretty much record, plug and play. So easy!

Support and Synthesis project meeting

I can’t possibly compete with John’s excellent poetic summary – but I also wanted to comment on the Support and Synthesis project meeting now that we have had a chance to recover! Rarely in my experience has a meeting delivered so much more than its initial promise! I have to confess I went with a certain amount of cynicism having read the pre-meeting information: the theme of 70s TV had so much potential to be cringingly embarrassing! But from the start the meeting was informal but informative, relaxed but challenging, fun but productive.

The decision to move very early into potential clusters was I think the secret – the opportunity to address issues immediately within smaller cluster groups worked very well. By the end of the meeting I not only understood much more clearly what issues were important to the cluster’s projects but had clarified some of the challenges that we on PC3 will need to address – and I was left looking forward to future engagement with this cluster as well as with the programme.

All in all a very valuable two days – and a great boost at the start of the project. Many thanks to the JISC and Support and Synthesis teams for organising it. And for the inspired project gift of the Flip video. I have already shown this to several colleagues at Leeds Met and there are now moves afoot to buy a batch to give to students! Might have wider impact than anticipated…..

And just one final question…. where can I get a psychedelic beanbag?!

Launch Event – Day Two


A JISC Moment – Day Two.


Actors voices

Offered choices

Project rejoices

Friendly choices


Scenario planning

Got some panning

Success scanning

More enchanting.


Future gazing

More amazing

Projects phrasing

And appraising.


Flip video rocks

A gift that shocks

And for the blocks

PM in a Box


Fantastic mood,

Excellent food,

Plentifully crewed,

Nothing misconstrued.


A great event

To help cement

Projects’ intent

All well content.


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The Support and Synthesis Programme Launch Event at Eynsham Hall – Day One.




At Eynsham Hall

We got the call

To stand up tall

And tell it all.


Each pitch was hot

And told the plot

Of plans we’ve got

To win a slot.


Producers mustered

Projects clustered

No one blustered,

None filibustered.


Dressed in jeans

We spilled the beans

And shared the means

To reach our Deans.


And after dinner

For saint and sinner

There was a winner

A real plate spinner.