Support and Synthesis project meeting

I can’t possibly compete with John’s excellent poetic summary – but I also wanted to comment on the Support and Synthesis project meeting now that we have had a chance to recover! Rarely in my experience has a meeting delivered so much more than its initial promise! I have to confess I went with a certain amount of cynicism having read the pre-meeting information: the theme of 70s TV had so much potential to be cringingly embarrassing! But from the start the meeting was informal but informative, relaxed but challenging, fun but productive.

The decision to move very early into potential clusters was I think the secret – the opportunity to address issues immediately within smaller cluster groups worked very well. By the end of the meeting I not only understood much more clearly what issues were important to the cluster’s projects but had clarified some of the challenges that we on PC3 will need to address – and I was left looking forward to future engagement with this cluster as well as with the programme.

All in all a very valuable two days – and a great boost at the start of the project. Many thanks to the JISC and Support and Synthesis teams for organising it. And for the inspired project gift of the Flip video. I have already shown this to several colleagues at Leeds Met and there are now moves afoot to buy a batch to give to students! Might have wider impact than anticipated…..

And just one final question…. where can I get a psychedelic beanbag?!


One Response to “Support and Synthesis project meeting”

  1. John Says:

    Just to say that I agree, this launch event was noticably more successful than the U&I event in January.

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