Real world problems

Had a useful first meeting this morning with team member Jill Taylor and June Copeman who is leading a new flexible programme in Health for assistant practitioners in nutrition. We talked about some of the challenges she is facing in setting up and rolling out this programme, not least the limitations of institutional back end systems. This is certainly something we anticipated at the start of the PC3 project and it will be very helpful to us to work with June to establish what exactly the problems are and where they are coming from: whether they are the result of limitations of the software, lack of awareness of staff, or resistance to change for instance.

We will be talking to June again in the new year and following her cohort through their first year, ensuring that the PC3 framework is developed to address the challenges raised by her programme. Working with users on the front line is as important as liaising with managers and procurers of systems. Sometimes what should be possible in theory is not at all easy in practice.


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