A conversation about coaching

PC3 team members Margaret Christian and Tam Mason from Carnegie Leaders in Learning Partnership discuss coaching and, in particular, how it is different from tutoring and mentoring.


2 Responses to “A conversation about coaching”

  1. Stephen Powell Says:

    Hi. It is interesting to compare the coaching role outlined in this video to my own experiences of working as a learning facilitator using negotiated learning approaches. There are similarities, but also significant differences.

    One difference in terms of emphasis at least is that a critical aspect of the role of a learning facilitator is to model behaviour through interactions, online or face-to-face. This is based in the belief that if, for example, we are hoping to develop an individual as a critically reflective then we need to show that in practice.

  2. Janet Finlay Says:

    Hi – can you point us to more information about the learning facilitator role you mention? Certainly it would be interesting to consider the comparisons further.

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