A moderator group?

I spent lunchtime talking about PC3 to a small group of representatives from the University’s PDP Network – a group of academics from across the institution who have a special interest in PDP, employability and enterprise. It was a very profitable discussion: they are very interested in and supportive of the aims and approach we are taking; they pointed out some potential stumbling blocks such as students not accepting “incomers” to their modules who may not be taking it in the same way as them. Certainly the options available through PC3 will need to be carefully negotiated to ensure neither PC3 programme students nor students on more traditional curriculum pathways are disadvantaged.

One outcome of the meeting is that the PDP Network have agreed to be a “sounding board” for us, allowing us to get grass roots staff outside of the user group course teams to moderate what we are doing and assess how it would work elsewhere in the institution. This should help a lot with the ongoing embedding and sustainability of PC3.