Curriculum design, personal & professional development and employer engagement

Today Dawn and I had a discussion around the relationship between personalised curriculum design (in the PC3 model) and personal and professional development (PPD). As we have been developing the Personalised Learning through Coaching module, we have had a lot of interest in the approach from those around the university and beyond (including employer representatives) in its potential to support PPD or personal development planning (PDP). Tomorrow I am going to the Employer Engagement meeting for the Curriculum Design programme so this is timely. We have been working primarily with professionals and professional bodies to date but our discussions around providing personalised curricula for employee learning has raised an interesting issue. The private sector employer in question was very interested in coaching and personal and professional development provision but definitely did not want personalisation: the curriculum they had negotiated was preset with no optionality. But is it possible to provide coaching and genuine PPD opportunities without allowing some element of personalisation?

We thought we’d share our conversation here: