Coaching Literature

This page references some of the books, articles and web resources the PC3 have found useful.

ROGERS, J. (2008) Coaching skills. A handbook, Berkshire, UK, McGraw Hill.

PALMER, S. & WHYBROW, A. (Eds.) (2007) Handbook of Coaching Psychology. A Guid for Practitioners, Hove, UK, Routledge.

O’CONNOR, J. & LAGES, A. (2004) Coaching with NLP, London, Element.

WHITMORE, J. (2002) Coaching for Performance. GROWing People, performance and Purpose. 3rd ed. London, UK, Nicholas Brealey.

MEGGINSON, D. & CLUTTERBUCK, D. (2009) Further techniques for coaching and mentoring, Oxford, UK, Butterworth-Heinemann.

PASSMORE, J. (2008) Psychometrics in Coaching. London, UK, Kogan Page.

GALLWEY, W. T. (2000) The Inner Game of Work. New York, USA, Random House Trade Paperbacks.

GOLEMAN, D. (1996) Emotional Intelligence. London, UK, Bloomsbury.


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