Project Team

The PC3 Project is being carried out by a cross-institutional team from key areas and has active support from senior management.

The core project team is as follows.

Janet Finlay is Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning and will be project director. She will coordinate the project and engage fully in programme activities. She has extensive experience of project management in this area and has been site coordinator in two successfully completed EU-funded learning object repository projects and co-investigator for an EPSRC-funded network. She is currently principal investigator for the JISC-funded Streamline and Planet projects, and is on the project team of Persona (all ending March 09). She is also a member of the JISC Emerge community. She is currently Leeds Met’s site coordinator for the multi-institutional HEFCE-funded CETL Active Learning in Computing and is project partner in a newly funded HEA NTFS project led by the University of Kent (as part of her activity with CETL ALiC). She has published in the areas of human-computer interaction and technology enhanced learning.

John Gray will act as project manager and assist with the evaluation activities of the project. He is an educational consultant with 20 years experience of software engineering and project management; he is a Prince-2 practitioner and has project-managed a number of HE projects including CETL ALiC. He has a number of publications in the field of technology enhanced learning, assessment and teaching and has been a partner of a number of FDTL, JISC and Higher Education Academy funded projects. He has both industrial and recent managerial experience having been an Associate Dean at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Margaret Christian is Director of the Carnegie Leaders in Learning Partnership, covering school leader development for the north of England. She has extensive experience of coaching and will advise on this area of the project.

Dawn Wood will be project research officer full time from March 09 to August 11 and will coordinate the deployment and integration of the software, the documentation of processes, and the stakeholder activities. She is currently research officer on the JISC-funded Streamline project where she is developing and evaluating software tools, and liaising with user groups. Her PhD is in the area of personalised learning.

Tam Mason is Learning Design and Development Manager for Carnegie Leaders in Learning Partnership. He will be the project representative for this user group and on coaching.

Meg Soosay is Senior Lecturer, Teacher Fellow and Technology-Enhanced Learning team member, who’s involved with the project in developing and evaluating innovating learning designs to support personalised curriculum creation.

The supporting project team is as follows:

Sally Brown is Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Assessment, Learning and Teaching with overall oversight of this area within Leeds Met. She will engage in support project activities and chair the Steering Committee.

Barbara Colledge is Dean of Partnerships for Students within the Office of the Vice Chancellor and has oversight of all information and technology services at Leeds Met. She will engage in support project activities and serve on the Steering Committee.

Anne Gregory is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Director of the Centre for Public Relations Studies. She has expertise in developing capability frameworks for professional development and will engage in programme activites and serve on the Steering Committee.

Hugh Lavery is Director of Information, Media and Technology Services with responsibility across Leeds Met for technical systems. He will serve on the Steering Committee and advise the project on technical matters.

Wendy Luker leads the institutional repository initiative and is project manager of the JISC Persona project. She will work with the project on this aspect.

Jo Norry is Head of Libraries and Learning Innovation at Leeds Met with responsibility for information services. She will engage in programme activities and serve on the Steering Committee.

Louise Richards is Principal Lecturer for the Regional University Network and will be the project representative for this user group.

Bob Rotheram is Reader in Computer Aided Assessment and project manager for the JISC-funded project Sounds Good.  He will serve on the Steering Committee, engage in programme activities and advise the project on assessment tools.

Marie Stinson is Director of Flexible Learning and leads the Flexible Learning Developments project at Leeds Met. She will represent Registry on the project team and serve on the Steering Committee. She will also be project representative for the Institute of Northern Studies user group.

Jill Taylor is Head of the Technology Enhanced Learning Team at Leeds Met and a partner in CETL ALPS and the JISC-funded Enhancing Learner Progression and Reflect2 projects. She will engage in programme activities, serve on the Steering Committee and act as project representative for the Faculty of Health user group.

Helen Whitrod-Brown is Associate Dean in the Carnegie Faculty and has designed and leads the innovative FdSc Sports Performance. She will assist the project in developing the PC3 Framework to support the needs of this user group.

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