The PC3 team had a very productive afternoon yesterday meeting representatives from MyKnowledgeMap to explore how their suite of tools might help us support the PC3 model. Learning from the stresses of previous projects I am keen to avoid spending significant effort developing software, if there are systems out there that can do the job we need, especially when they have been developed by forward thinking companies who are interested in working with us to tailor software to our needs.

Our meeting was very encouraging. Our model and workflow is different to any the company demonstrated to us – but individual components were similar enough for us to see how things could be configured to support our particular approach. Their enthusiasm for tackling the issues raised by backend systems such as Banner was encouraging (and a huge relief!). They are already working with Intralibrary which is the Repository we have at Leeds Met – and have worked significantly on CETL ALPS in which our Faculty of Health is actively involved. Indeed several of the developments of ALPS will be useful to us.

The next step is for the team to flesh out proposed work flows for our initial user groups to take back to MyKnowledgeMap so that we can discuss the nitty gritty. Thankfully we built software licensing and consultancy into our bid so we should be be able to reach an agreement to suit everyone.

Technology should certainly not be the driver of projects such as this – but it can be the killer of them. We need a reliable, integrated and professional platform to support our model. I am hopeful that MyKnowledgeMap can help us develop that.